05 Dec 2018

Ministry of Defense (MOD) Staff Cooperative Multipurpose Society Wins three Award categories at the Nigerian National Cooperative Awards

On Sunday 25th November 2018 was a great day for the MOD Cooperatives as it was a day that confirms the hard working initiatives of the Mr. Obakoya Olufemi Led Team wins in 3 categories of the Maiden National Cooperative Awards 2018.

The categories won affirms the dynamic leadership the society has in a time like this. They won the following awards;

1. The Most Ingenious Cooperative Society,

2.The Most Enterprising Cooperative Society and,

3. The Exemplary Leadership Award by the president in recognition of his ingenuity and enterprising spirit to set the society in the path of employment generation for the benefit of its members and as well increase the asset and investment base of the organization.

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