Welcome To Ministry Of Defence (MoD Civilian Staff) Co-operative Multipurpose Society Limited, Lagos – Nigeria

Motto: Each for One Another

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to expand the income base of the MoD Cooperative societies for provision of higher and better dividend and bring about greater access to loan.

Mission Statement

To position the society towards giving an ultimate fulfilment to our valued members

Core Values

→ Humility,  → Empathy , → Integrity , → Team Spirit,  → Accountability, → Equity


The objectives of the society are to promote the economic interest and well-being of members, specifically to: Read More


The Membership of the society shall be open to: All persons who are members of the society as at the time of filling

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A member of the Society shall not seek membership of any other society whose primary objectives are the same with that of the Society.

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    The New Loan Policy

    The need for reform of our loan policy is not only overdue but urgently necessary.This measure will strengthen our society as a going concern,failure to reform NOW will ultimately lead to unbearable pressure on our great society that can eventually leads to liquidation of this great society.


    1. COLLECTING THE ACTUAL LOAN: The need for members to collect the actual amount requested for is real.Therefore No more upfront loan interest deduction. The pressure on the economy is not helping us as a civil servant hence the time to rise to the challenge is now.This will enable cooperators avail themselves of the full values of the loan applied for.

    2. FLEXIBILITY: The new policy is geared to accommodate the WEAK,the STRONG and the BOLD. Members for the first time is at liberty to choose repayment plan that best suits them. The Adage fingers are not equal,is very conspicuous in the pressure loan repayment bears on our members. Hence the need to be flexible is crucial. Read More

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    Ministry Of Defence Co-Operative (Civilian Staff)

    Multipurpose Society Limited, Lagos – Nigeria

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    Ministry of Defence Cooperative (MoD) Ex-President Speaks about Unified Cooperative Platform (UCP)

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